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QuickBooks Online - Accounting Software

We recommend QuickBooks Online for ease of tracking and managing your business books. Maintaining your books throughout the year makes tax time that much easier!

Encyro - Secure Portal & E-Sign Program

We recommend Encyro for online secure storage and sharing. We also recommend using it to manage online signatures if you use digital contracts in your business.

CorpNet - Business Filings for Starting Your New Business

Visit their site here or reach out directly to Misty Hendricks at, and CorpNet will help you make sure you have everything in place to start your business correctly. Mention Kristina Vaughn w/ Legit Ledgers, LLC for discounts/savings!

BlueVine - Business Banking

If you're looking for banking that has an easy setup, awesome interest rates, convenient access, and great customer service, BlueVine is the solution you need!

RoboForm - Secure Password Storage

Storing passwords in your default web browser password manager isn't a secure way to protect your passwords. I use RoboForm extension as a way to store and autofill my passwords.

Purchase and learn more about RoboForm RIGHT HERE!


Buy directly RIGHT HERE!

As a first-time user, when you purchase a RoboForm Premium subscription using my referral link, you'll receive an additional 6 months for FREE!

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*Disclaimer: Some of the links on our site may be affiliate links. I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. I only recommend tools I have personally vetted and use with my clients.

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